Fine, fresh gourmet mushrooms

Fresh gourmet mushrooms plus mushroom matcha, mushroom seasonings, salts, powders, grow kits and so much more

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Our target is to provide the best quality mushroom products available in Australia
fresh mushrooms


Beautifully fresh gourmet mushrooms grown right here in a Canberra urban farm
dried mushrooms


Gourmet dried mushrooms that are perfect to add to any dish, like risotto and stir fry
mushroom grow kits


Grow your own at home with our amazing, easy to use grow kits
mushroom seasonings


Blends of mushrooms, herbs and spices to bring you the best flavours for your home and kitchen
mushroom salts


Mixes of premium mushroom and gourmet salts to bring you the perfect table accompaniment or to add to your recipes
mushroom matcha


Japanese inspired matcha teas. Our mushroom matcha powder has fine matcha with mushroom extracts to enjoy any time of the day
mushroom powders


Add a nutritional boost to your pasta, risotto, stir frys, eggs and other dishes

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Check out our shop filled with all things mushroom

Forest Mix

A beautiful blend of black morels, porcini, black trumpet, chanterelle and oyster mushrooms that allows you to create a totally flavour-filled meal for you and your family.

Dried Porcini

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A growing selection of recipes all including mushroom

Recent Blog Posts

Our growing blog all about mushrooms

Reishi: All-Purpose Healing Mushroom. Part 3

In this part 3 of our Reishi series, we explore the general health benefits of reishi, including discussion on immune support, weight loss, relaxation and energy.

Reishi: All-purpose Healing Mushroom. Part 2

In this part 2 of our Reishi series, we explore the nutritional qualities of reishi, how to get it and the various products that are available.

Reishi: All-purpose Healing Mushroom. Part 1

Reishi, the all-purpose healing mushroom, has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. This is part 1, of a multi-series on Reishi, where we explore the important species and foraging for them.
Poria mushroom: The Immunity Boosting Mushroom

Poria: The Immunity Boosting Mushroom

Poria mushroom (Wolfiporia extensa) is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that may assist in pain relief, weight loss, diabetes, allergies and liver disease, and any severe medical conditions.


As lovers of mushrooms, we began as a small grower of oyster mushrooms in the Canberra and have now grown to producing a whole range of different mushroom products.

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