Sauteed Morel Mushrooms

Sauteed Morel Mushrooms
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Sauteed Morel Mushrooms

A delectable dish made with dried black morels
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Vegetarian
Keyword Morel mushrooms
Servings 2 people



  • In a medium bowl, add the dried mushrooms and pour the warm water to cover them completely. Let them rehydrate for 30 minutes until soft. Drain and keep ¼ cup water to use later. Pat the mushrooms dry with paper towel.
    20 g Black morels, 2 cups Warm water
  • Slice the morel mushrooms in half and set aside.
  • In a heavy pan, add the butter. Melt, and add the shallot and garlic. Cook for 2-3 minutes.
    1½ tbsp Butter, 1 Shallot, 1 clove Garlic
  • Mix the reserved ¼ cup of mushroom water and the Green Seasoning.
    ½ tsp Green Mushroom Seasoning
    Sauteed Morel Mushrooms, Step 4
  • Add the sliced morel mushrooms and the mushroom/seasoning mix from Step 4 to the pan and sauté for 5-6 minutes until a creamy sauce forms and the mushrooms are tender and fragrant.
    Sauteed Morel Mushrooms, Step 5
  • Add chopped thyme to the mixture, and stir to combine.
    1 tsp Thyme leaves
  • Serve immediately.

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