27 April, 2021

How to slash cancer risk by 45%

A study by researchers at Penn State University suggests that eating a small amount of mushrooms each day slashes your risk of getting cancer by 45%.

The research paper, released on 16 March 2021 in the publication Advances in Nutrition, a systematic review and meta-analysis designed to assess the association between mushroom intake and risk of cancer at any site. The paper looked at 17 studies from 1966 to 2020 and concluded that eating a minimum of 18g of mushrooms per day significantly reduced your risk of cancer.

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The beauty of the review is that the researchers found that it didn't matter what type of mushroom you ingested, it only mattered that you ate mushrooms.

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The six authors of the paper noted that mushrooms are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

“Mushrooms are the highest dietary source of ergothioneine, which is a unique and potent antioxidant and cellular protector,” said Djibril M. Ba, a graduate student in epidemiology at Penn State College of Medicine. “Replenishing antioxidants in the body may help protect against oxidative stress and lower the risk of cancer.”

The researchers noted the strongest associations for breast cancer as individuals who regularly ate mushrooms had a significantly lower risk.

“Overall, these findings provide important evidence for the protective effects of mushrooms against cancer,” said co-author John Richie, a Penn State Cancer Institute researcher and professor of public health sciences and pharmacology. “Future studies are needed to better pinpoint the mechanisms involved and specific cancers that may be impacted.”


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