About Fanci Fungi

Fanci Fungi is an urban farm, growing various types of oyster mushrooms. We also create different mushroom products to add to your  meals. 


This is our story

We have always been interested in nature, health and wellness. During the spring of 2020, we watched "Fantastic Fungi" presented by Paul Stamets on Netflix. We became absolutely fascinated by the world of mushrooms. At the time, we were searching for a new business to add to our existing business - something that would contribute to people's healthy living and kind to the earth. In no time, we started growing mushrooms at home in Canberra. And, thus, Fanci Fungi was born.

There were many mushrooms available but we found oyster mushrooms suitable to grow in Canberra climate. We made many mistakes along the way but now we grow mushrooms with ease.

As we found more about the amazing flavours and health benefits of different mushrooms, we started offering easy to use dried mushrooms, powders and created a few other mushroom products.

Now mushrooms are big part of our life. We have them several times a day. Our health has improved and we continue to explore the mushroom world and enjoy our business.

About Fanci Fungi

As lovers of mushrooms, we began as a small grower of oyster mushrooms in the Canberra and have now grown to producing a whole range of different mushroom products. 
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